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President signs Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act

This new law, the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, is a good thing for everyone. But, as Linda Foley of the ID Theft Resource Center tells us, the stiffer penalties are only for those prosecuted under federal law. The individual states now need to enact stiffer penalties as well. And this will hopefully also give state and local police and prosecuters more incentive to treat identity theft more seriously and prosecute criminals more aggressively. --Scamsafe Editor

President Bush signed a measure yesterday that stiffens penalties for identity theft and makes it a felony to help terrorists obtain false identification.
The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act provides up to two years in prison for anyone stealing or distributing someone else's personal information, and up to five years for anyone committing identity theft in conjunction with a terrorist act.
Signing of the bill, sponsored by Rep. John Carter, Texas Republican, comes after a five-year period in which 27 million Americans had some form of personal information stolen from them, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
"The crime of identity theft undermines the basic trust on which our economy depends," Mr. Bush said. "Identity theft harms not only its direct victims, but also many businesses and customers whose confidence is shaken."

from Washington Times

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