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Identity theft victim left with $1 million liability

Identity theft claiming more and more victims

For Audra Schmierer, it began last January with a letter from the Internal Revenue Service claiming she owed $15,000 in back taxes on income earned in 2003.

Schmierer, 32, thought a mistake had been made. She hadn't worked since giving birth to her son in 2000. The next day, however, another letter arrived from the IRS — this one stating she owed more than $32,000 in back taxes from 2002. And so began a long nightmare that eventually saw the IRS accusing Schmierer of owing $1 million in back taxes on income she never earned.

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I just heard this lady interviewed on John & Ken, and man, she is in a world of trouble. Audra says she has been working on this issue for the last 18 months - full time, cannot get employment, been threatened with jail!

Posted by: Audra Schmierer social security number stolen by 200 illegals at Jun 16, 2006 3:59:10 PM