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$56 million to farmers upheld [MINNEAPOLIS, MN]

Pioneer Press

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a $56 million judgment against BASF Corp. in a class-action suit brought by farmers charging the chemical manufacturer fraudulently priced herbicides sold between 1992 and 1996.

BASF, a New Jersey-based unit of BASF AG of Germany, said it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The battle over the farmers' herbicides has been in state court for seven years. The ruling Thursday is the fourth court decision that has either granted the farmers standing in the class action suit or remanded the case back to jury trial.

"We've seen delay for the sake of delay," said Douglas Nill, a Minneapolis attorney who was among lawyers representing the farmers. "We've had a paper blizzard. They've been pounding us with paper for seven years."

The issue is whether BASF committed consumer fraud by representing two herbicides, Poast and Poast Plus, as being separate chemicals usable on different farm crops, when the Environmental Protection Agency had certified both formulations as acceptable for most major and smaller farm crops.


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