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Authentify Thwarts Identity Theft

Authentify Thwarts Identity Theft With a Modern Twist to a Familiar Technique, Adding a Personal Touch to an Internet Transaction

CHICAGO, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The medical doctor from Amarillo, Texas was surprised to receive an automated call asking about a pending credit transaction on a Web site. After all, he was at home watching television and wasn't online. The working mother from Virginia was angry that what she took for a telemarketing firm should dare to ring her phone at 2:30 in the morning. That is, until she realized it was an inquiry about a financial transaction being attempted via the Internet against one of her accounts. These encounters and many like them are part of the growing success story behind a patent-pending process developed by Chicago based Authentify, Inc.

In simple terms, Authentify enables the telephone as an authentication tool for Internet transactions. Authentify has developed a process that permits Web sites or other network access points to place an automated telephone call to the person involved in the transaction. Once they have answered the call, the person will be prompted for information being displayed on their computer screen ensuring that the person on the phone is in control of the web session.


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