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Bills target identity theft, documentation [RUTLAND, VT]


Identity theft is a mushrooming problem in this country, with an estimated 10 million victims and a cost of $53 billion in the last fiscal year alone, according to a Federal Trade Commission survey.

Based on separate FTC figures, Vermont appears to have remained relatively untouched by the problem, with only 159 identity theft cases reported to the FTC last year. Only North Dakota and South Dakota had fewer reported cases.

But Vermont Assistant Attorney General Julie Brill has a pretty good hunch that there are likely more identity theft victims in Vermont than found in the annual FTC report.

"We're currently not high ranked nationally on a per-capita basis, but it is growing definitely in Vermont," Brill said. "We also think there a lot of victims in Vermont who are not filing their complaints with police departments or our office because they're not sure what anybody is going to do about them."

Vermont is one of only a few states that doesn't have an identity theft law on the books. But that could change this year if the Senate acts on a bill that passed the House last year.


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Identity theft occurs when your personal information is obtained and used to commit fraud. Personal information that can be exploited for this purpose includes your name and address, credit card and bank account information, and Social Security number (SSN). Exposure of this critical private information is a threat for thousands, even millions of people.

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