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How to prevent bank account fraud

Guidelines for protecting for checking, savings and other bank accounts

By Tom, ScamSafe Editor-in-Chief

  1. Protect your checking and other account numbers. Never give them to a someone you don't know.
  2. Beware of phone calls from someone claiming to call from your bank. There are scams where someone poses as your bank and says they need to verify your account information. I once got a voice mail (it was left in broken English and riddled with static) which claimed the call was from Bank of America and they needed my account information because of a fraud warning. Except I don't have any accounts at BofA.
  3. Have your new checks mailed to your local branch, not to your home.
  4. Store your checks (new or cancelled) in a secure place. Use tamper proof checks.
  5. Guard your ATM information. Don't use obvious PINs, don't write the PIN on the card or leave the PIN on paper in your wallet or purse.
  6. Try swiching to electronic billing and statements.

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So ,many scams going to save?

Posted by: Akash at Apr 6, 2009 4:22:44 AM

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Posted by: Research Public Records and prevent fraud at Jun 19, 2008 3:20:18 AM

i once got this call from a lady with broken spanish english. she tole me that she was from the irs and that they were sending me 4,500.00 in wiring money. i asked all my question to make sure that it was not a fraud. it seem so real... so i gave her my information... and did the recording not knowing what i was putting myself into. two months later 299.95 was taken out of my account. and later reaizing that she lied to me, she was working for an internet shopping site. now the bank is taking care of it. i am so glad to have bank with wachovia, they care about there customers and take good care of there customers.

Posted by: yuna at May 10, 2006 6:18:23 AM

Hi there

Someone suspicious (I suspect a Nigerian scam) had won an item I was selling at ebay in NZ. Thus, he was given my email by ebay to make arrangement for payment and he also recieve an automatic responder which tell him my account nos and name for the payment to be made into. He then managed to get my Yahoo sms and we had corresponded twice. He keep requesting that I allow him into my contact list. I refused.

Now I have two concerns:
1. What can he do with my account nos?
2. What can he do with my security and privacy in computer since I had corresponded with him twice?
3. What could I do now?

Posted by: veronica at Dec 26, 2004 11:39:15 AM