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FRAUD ALERT: Phishing attacks May 15-19

eBay phishing email - "Billing Update"
May 19 2004

Citibank phishing email - "to users of Citibank"
May 18 2004

US Bank phishing email - "U.S. Bank Fraud Verification Process"
May 17 2004

eBay phishing email - "TKO Notice: eBay Account Verification"
May 17 2004

eBay phishing email - "Your eBay account can be suspended!"
May 17 2004

eBay phishing email - "Update your Billing Informations"
May 17 2004

Citibank phishing email - "Activate Bill Pay"
May 17 2004

PayPal phishing email - "Billing Update Requested"
May 16 2004

eBay phishing email - "eBay Urgent SafeHarbor Department Notice"
May 16 2004

eBay phishing email - "Important eBay Update"
May 16 2004

eBay phishing email - "FPA Notice: Account Suspension Notice - Section 9"
May 16 2004

CompuServe phishing email - "Urgent, COMPUSERVE membership is being expired.."
May 16 2004

Citibank phishing email - "Citicards EMAIL Verification"
May 16 2004

CCFPO phishing email - "Fraudulent activity on your account"
May 16 2004

AOL phishing email - "IMPORTANT INFO"
May 15 2004

AOL phishing email - "AOL Security Request"
May 16 2004

Westpac Bank phishing email - "Please Verify your Westpac Bank Account"
May 15 2004

US Bank phishing email - "Confirm Your US Bank Online Banking Identity"
May 15 2004

PayPal phishing email - "Notification of PayPal Limited Account Access"
May 15 2004

Fleet Bank phishing email - "Fleet Bank Email Verification Required"
May 15 2004

Fleet Bank phishing email - "Personal Financial Services"
May 15 2004

Citibank phishing email - "Citibank Secure Verification Process"
May 15 2004

Citibank phishing email - "Security Update"
May 15 2004

Citibank phishing email - "Your Request for Express Transfer"
May 15 2004

CCFPO phishing email - "Credit Card Fraud Prevention Organization"
May 15 2004

See detailed reports here [pop up]

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Tracked on Sep 14, 2009 8:05:01 AM


Beware of yet another phishing attempt using employer as the "recognized" name. Our company received an email stating that "Your employer account has been suspended!" the link provided had been changed to go to instead of If you copy and past the url, you go to but you end up with a page not found.

Posted by: marketing at Sep 16, 2008 12:29:57 PM

I beleive that the scammers are calling themselves NMK Security Inc. I've been receiveing the same type of email. I'm glad I came across this site. If anyone is still ivestigating this here's the email I got it from:

Posted by: Thessely A. Pillow at Jun 22, 2007 9:24:36 AM

From: GET Sec Inc
Subject: Re: $5500 monthly job - response at your resume on website
GET Security, Inc. Representative Contract

You can read the contract in this email attachment.`

You can print the last page of the contract, sign it, make one picture of the signed page (digital picture if you have no scanner) and send this picture with signature back to us via email or to the fax number below or via email.

Our fax number is : +39-06-8038-0012

In order to start your job today we have some requirements:

1. Be at least 21 years old and have a bank account (in order to deposit checks if needed – IMPORTANT: WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS OR OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION FROM YOU)
2. Have a postal address where you will receive money orders and cashier checks from our customers.
2. Check your email several times a day (two times each day is needed)
3. You need to respond to our emails same day.
4. Be responsible, hard working and communicable.
5. Be able and know how to cash one check or money order.
6. Have at least one free half hour every day (in the evening or in the morning, your choice) to cash payments that will come from our customers.

Our support team will be next to you in order to have all payments processed same day.

All you need is an established bank account, where you will cash the checks. It really depends where you cash the checks. We do not welcome new bank accounts for our business for a few reasons. First, you won't be able to cash checks fast, because the banks put at least a few weeks' hold to deposits into a new account.

We do make background research on all the international customers before we sell our products.
We also verify the checks for funds availability before it arrives to you. In an outstanding case of any problem, we offer a full guarantee to cover the fees. That way you can feel absolutely protected and safe.

You will receive various payments from our US or Canada buyers for our products/services and every customer will specify when the payment will be sent the amount and the products that were purchased.

In Europe they ussualy deliver the funds within 10 days if we have one bank account open to one US bank(we have the bank account open to one Spanish bank - this will delay payments with another 3-4 days) and this delay is not profitable for our company.

With US representatives help we can process these payments faster and the customers will be served faster.

We are selling in US 95% from time system alarms . We are also selling other various security products if customers are interested.

If there will be something that you don't know, simply ask our support team and you will have all the answers within few hours or minutes.

One explanation of this job, step by step

1. You agree with our contract, send your postal address and you are ready to process payments.
2. We advertise our products and in 4-5 days after you agreed with terms you start to receive payments from our customers (money orders, checks) made payable to your name and address for instant processing.
3. You cash one payment (check or money order) - at the bank or check cashing store.
4. You deduct your 10% from total amount of the check or money order that you receive and cash.
5. You transfer us 90% minus transfer costs (the transfer costs are paid from our 90%) with bank to bank transfer.
6. You receive another payment and you process it.

Please call me Oliver, my name is Oliver Balack and I will keep you informed regarding payments and procedures.

This job implies only checks/money orders cashing, nothing else is required to work for us. We will never ask you any fees to work for us. If you know to cash a check, this is the job for you. Please don't expect to earn thousands of dollars in the first weeks, we promise that you will earn more than $5,500 every month but first we have to advertise our products in US, you will surely make $500 every week in your first month of work.

To begin this job we need your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS (your postal address) FOR PAYMENTS that will be mailed(shipped) to your postal address:

Full name:
City, State, Zip code:
Phone number:

Fax the address and also send it via email.

The money orders and cashier checks that will be processed by you can be cleared same day you receive the USPS delivery.

In order to start this job, your response is expected today and also your signature (last page of contract signed).

From the moment we have your approval that you agree with all terms of the contract and your name and address we will start the advertising program and ask customers to send checks and money orders to your address.

Thank you

Staffing/Management Group

GET Security , Inc
Via Boncompagni,37
00187 Rome,Italy

I wrote:
To whom it may concern,
I am interested in your job offer, but I would like more information about your company and a chance to review your employment contract.
Thank you,

--- wrote:

From: GET Sec Inc
Subject: $5500 monthly job - response at your resume on website

Dear careerbuilder jobseeker,

This message is a response to your resume from website. We have one job available for Work at Home with GUARANTEED $5,500 every month.

Established European company seeking dependable, enthusiastic representatives.

matter what you do for a living - whether you are a teacher, a doctor,
a lawyer, a secretary, nurse, housewife or construction worker.
We don't ask fees for this job. We don't ask experience, just few hours are needed in one week.

IMPORTANT - You must be over 21 years old.

We are looking for 30 representatives in US for beginning.

you have to understand what our company is looking for and if you think
that this kind of job is made for you to ask for our Representative
Contract to be signed.

If you have one free hour daily (not including weekends) you are welcome to join today.

You can earn FROM $50,000 up to $200,000 a year (depends on our software sales) and more after one year working with us.
Our company can guarantee $5,500 every month in your first year of work.

What we offer you:

� Flexibility of hours (any hour you choose)
� Work at home (all you have to to is check your email and go to the bank)
� Part Time/Full Time
� Daytime and Evening Hours
� Professional management team with a strong support system

We have stores in Spain and all Europe and we are looking for US representatives to handle US payments.

We are selling various products (security systems) in US and Canada and we need YOU to process all the

for these products because here in Europe the money orders and cashier
checks are cleared within two weeks or more and is not reliable for our

90% from US buyers don't have the knowledge to pay with bank to bank transfers. You can intermediate our sales (process

payments) and you will be paid with 10% for every payment that you have to process.
Remember that your commission from this job is 10% from every amount that you will receive. This means that if you receive

will have more than one payment for process per day. Your profit will
be instant: you will have your commission in hand same day because you
will deduct your money from every payment that you receive after the
bank or the check cashing store clears the payment.

companies are asking. Instead: you will have your 10% commission in
hand with every order that you process. No need to wait for paycheck at
the end of the month because you DEDUCT

You will receive the response same day. Remember: No costs: Nothing to buy. No membership to pay. No accounts to purchase.

More benefits:Work Full Time or Part Time
This is NOT Network Marketing
This is NOT a Distributorship
There is NO 'Kit' to Buy
There are NO Envelopes to Stuff
We DO NOT Charge You a Dime
We Pay Weekly

have stocks of products for US and Canada customers and we need US
representative to intermediate the payments between our company and the
end buyers.

To simplify what this job implies: we advertise our
software products on US market and because checks that are sent by
customers here in Spain are cleared very slow (2 weeks plus shipping
delay - more than 3 weeks), we need US representative (you) in order to
receive payments for our products (checks, money orders) and cash them
same day at the bank.
Your commission is 10% from each money order/ check, if you receive 2-3 checks one day you will make more than $200 every day.

If you agree please ask for our Representative Contract today to be viewed and signed.

If needed, contact us with your questions - REMEMBER: NO FEES TO WORK, NOTHING TO PAY, NOTHING TO MANUFACTURE HOME.

If you are interested working with our company reply today. You can start within 2-3 days if you agree with our contract.

Thank you for your patience

Netscape. Just the Net You Need.

Don't be flakey. Get Yahoo! Mail for Mobile and
always stay connected to friends. --0-33338944-1180215427=:68752—
GET Security Inc. Representative Agreement

1. Partners with GET Security Inc, heretofore, GET Security Inc , are required to comply with, and by using any such facilities, agree to comply with and be subject to GET Security Inc Representative Agreement, hereby known as the "Agreement".GET Security Inc. ™ reserves the right to amend these Conditions and Policies at any time.
2. Representative Functions
2.1. Representative will function as a value-added Representative of GET Security Inc services. Representative will process its orders for such services directly.
2.2. Representative will process payment orders and will forward to any US or Worldwide destination for GET Security Inc.
2.3. Representative's rights to process GET Security Inc payments within a specific territory shall not be exclusive unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.4 Representative must contact GET Security Inc in case of any delays. Any delay in processing GET Security Inc. orders will automatically leads to end of this agreement.
2.5 Representative must have excellent communication with any customer of GET Security Inc if needed. The representatives must send to GET Security Inc the contact information before they enroll to this service.
2.6 Representatives must be available 2 hours per day for processing any kind of orders that GET Security Inc has.
2.7 All payments that will be received by the Representative must be forwarded to GET Security Inc within 48 hours upon receive. The Representative must contact GET Security Inc if any personal problem or medical problem occurs. In this way the agreement will not be ended by GET Security Inc.

3. Prices

3.1. All prices for services provided by GET Security Inc to customer are in US dollars.
3.2. Representative will subtract directly the commission for this job from payments that are processed.
3.3. GET Security Inc shall be responsible for paying all taxes of any nature which become due with regard to GET Security Inc services.

4. Payment

4.1. All orders are subject to acceptance by GET Security Inc. GET Security Inc will only accept payments for products that are legal in the US. We reserve the right to deny service to any GREY-MARKET requests. GET Security Inc will supply to Representative only US and Canada payments and orders.
Representative agrees to same.
4.2. Processing payments and send the funds to our company will be done within 48 hours. Forwarding payments to GET Security Inc must be made within 48 hours after the payment was received by the REPRESENTATIVE.
4.3. Payments shall be made weekly or otherwise if GET Security Inc asks for this arrangement.
4.4. Payment and Terms: Payment shall be made in US dollars to GET Security Inc into the account designated by GET Security Inc , or as may otherwise be agreed in writing by the parties.
If due to bank charges, transfer fees, or the like, GET Security Inc should receive less than its invoice amount, GET Security Inc will find another payment method more reliable. The fees for any transfer that the Representative does are supported by GET Security Inc.
Should payment in full of any invoice (aside from such shortfalls) not be received by GET Security Inc within 48 hours after REPRESENTATIVE'S processing, GET Security Inc will TERMINATE the contract and the Representative will be prosecuted by law.
In the event that any amount remains unpaid 48 hours after the sale, GET Security Inc may discontinue, withhold, or suspend services to Representative Failure of Representative to pay in no way relieves the Partner's obligations to make full payment.
4.5. GET Security Inc hereby agrees to pay any and all attorney fees, court costs, and related expenses incurred by GET Security Inc the collection of any amount due it.
4.6 The commission percentage for your services will be subtracted by Representative and represents 10% from every processed amount.
4.7 Responsibility for shipping charges and all payment transfer fees will be supported 100% by GET Security Inc.

5. Duties of Representative
5.1. Technical Support: Representative will support Representatives by providing support in the local language of the Representative's main location.
If the Representative have one pending payment and the cash method is unknown by the Representative, GET Security Inc will support 100% the Representative with informations and asisstance as needed.
5.2. General: In carrying out this agreement, Representative will conduct itself in an ethical and lawful manner, will exercise its best efforts to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, and will do nothing to bring the reputation of GET Security Inc into disrepute.
The Representative will NOT offer information about GET Security Inc.
6. Duties of GET Security Inc
GET Security Inc is responsible for ALL processing fees, for ALL transfer fees and the Representative will subtract ALL these fees from the final amount that have to send to GET Security Inc as a payment for it's services.
7. Rules & Regulations
7.1. Trying to find Representatives working for GET Security Inc is forbidden.
GET Security Inc may impose reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use of its services from time to time.
If the end customer does not agree to support insurance, GET Security Inc. will not be responsible for damages and the Representative will not be also responsible for damages that may occur.
8. Limitation of GET Security Inc 's Obligation & Liability
8.1. GET Security Inc 's liability to any end customer of any GET Security Inc products is limited to the amount paid to and received by GET Security Inc for products .
Representative agrees that it will not use in any way for its own account nor for the account of any third party, nor disclose to any third party, any such information revealed to it by GET Security Inc . Representative further agrees that it will take every reasonable precaution to protect the confidentiality of such information. In the event of termination of this agreement, there shall be no use or disclosure by the Representative of any such confidential information in its possession, and all confidential materials shall be returned to GET Security Inc or destroyed. The provisions of this section shall survive the termination of the agreement for any reason. Upon any breach or threatened breach of this section, GET Security Inc shall be entitled to injunctive relief, which relief shall not be contested by Representative.

9. Confidentiality
Representative acknowledges that by reason of its relationship with GET Security Inc hereunder, it may have access to certain information and materials relating to GET Security Inc 's products, customers, software technology, and marketing strategies that is confidential and of substantial value to GET Security Inc , which value would be impaired if such information were disclosed to third parties.

10. Relationship of the Parties
The relationship between GET Security Inc and Representative is that of employer/employee. They shall not be construed as being joint ventures, franchiser/franchisee.
This agreement is a commercial agreement between businesses, not a consumer agreement. Representative has no authority, apparent or otherwise, to contract for or on behalf of GET Security Inc , or in any other way legally bind GET Security Inc in any fashion, nor shall Representative be authorized to make any representations about GET Security Inc or its services other than to set forth GET Security Inc 's responsibilities as outlined in this agreement.
11. Disputes
The parties shall attempt to resolve all disputes arising out of this agreement in a spirit of cooperation without formal proceedings. Any dispute which cannot be so resolved (other than the collection of money due on unpaid invoices) and other than the injunctive relief referred to in paragraph 9 shall be subject to arbitration upon written demand of either party. Arbitration shall take place at another location if the parties so agree.
12. Terms & Termination:
This agreement shall run until the end of the current quarter. The initial and minimum term of this Agreement is for 3 months. This Agreement shall automatically renew for a similar term thereafter, until terminated by either party with 30 days prior notice unless terminated in one of the following ways:
12.1. By either party, by notifying the other in writing by end of any given year that this agreement will not be renewed.
12.2. By GET Security Inc , upon 48 hours written notice, if Representative breaches any material and substantial provision of this agreement and has not cured by the end of the 48 hours.
12.3. Representative becomes more than 48 hours in arrears in payment of its account with GET Security Inc ;
12.4. By GET Security Inc immediately, if Representative attempts to assign all or any part of this Agreement without GET Security Inc 's prior written approval;
12.5. By GET Security Inc immediately, if Representative fails to cause GET Security Inc to be informed in writing immediately on the happening of any event specified in this section;
13. Nonassignability
Representative's rights and obligations under this agreement may not be transferred or assigned directly or indirectly without the prior written consent of GET Security Inc , which consent shall not be unreasonably refused.
14. Partial Invalidity
If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. GET Security Inc and Representative agree to renegotiate in good faith any term held invalid and to be bound by mutually agreed substitute provision.
15. Notices
All notices may be sent by email or express mail to the email address, or address most recently provided and will be effective upon transmission. Evidence of successful transmission shall be retained.
16. Entire Agreement, Modifications
This agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and merges all prior discussion between them. GET Security Inc may make changes to this agreement upon thirty (30) days' written notice to Representative, advising of the change and the effective date thereof. Utilization of GET Security Inc services by Representative and/or its customers following the effective date of such change shall constitute acceptance by Representative of such change(s), unless Representative objects in writing to such changes, in which case the changes shall not take effect until there is written consent to other arrangements by both parties.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound hereby, do hereby execute this instrument, with each signator warranting its authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the party it represents.
I have read and accepted the above terms and conditions:
Your signature here: Your Full Name and Postal Address here:

If you agree with all terms of our representative contract please send now via email your FULL information: Full name, your postal address, phone number and specify in the subject line: "AGREED WITH ALL TERMS OF THE REPRESENTATIVE CONTRACT".

Posted by: Anonyms at May 26, 2007 4:31:53 PM

I went through the same thing with career builders and Escrow Cheque, they got me for $6600 and I reported it to fraud and FBI and never got any help. The bank acted as though they are mad at me. They verified funds and then the check was staopped or something. Anyway I lost.

Posted by: Dr. Larry at Apr 6, 2006 4:54:27 PM

I recently in December of 05, applied for a job on Carrerbuilder and was later sent an email form a so called company called warbout trading. I signed a so called contract with them and they began to send me checks in the mail from california, at least that was the postmark on the envelope and that was where the check came from. At any rate I deposited and then withdrew the amount I was suppose to send. A week later my bank calls me and tells me that it was returned to them as refer to maker. I then starting to investigate and found out that their is a company called warabout trading but their company information was stolen. I then found out who I thought was the registered name on the website and turns out his information was stolen. Here is the funny thing about this, I called the bank that the checks were written off of before I deposited them. I explained to them what I was suppose to do and how much the checks were for. They totaled over $3500.00, but they were in two seperate checks. Should have been my first clue but I was told that these were for two seperate investements. I was told by the issuers bank that the checking account was good and that the checks were good. So I felt at that time it was ok and that is why I did that. Once this happen and they came back, I called that bank back again and they told me that account was closed and had been for along time. I was shocked at that point as they had just told me one week prior everything was fine. That leads me to believe that they were in on this deal and so was the issuer of the checks. I am wondering what I can do at this point? Is there anything I can do? After that took place I started to get more emails from other employers that I had sent my resume to on monster and careerbuilder for additonal job offers similiar to this one. I did get one on that escrow check scam as well. I filled out some papers but only gave name and address. I never did anything else as I researched this and found out is was a scam. I then received another scam email from a place called through the name was maxim yaktikus. I went ahead and did what they asked as I knew at this point it was a scam. I wanted to see what they would do. I sent them a signed contract agreeing to be an employee and receive mail on their behalf then turn around and send it back out. I started to call the numbers and so forth on the contract, and realized that the number they gave to me did not match the state that was on the contract. I then started to check into this deeper and found that the area code on some of their papers was a 509 area code and that the area code that matched the address in NY was a 607 area code but the area code that was on the registered website was 925. Anyway be warned that any company offering you or sending you a check or anything else in the mail to be reidrected is a scam. Here are the names again of all three companies that contacted me: Warabout Trading, Escrow Cheques, & Through Continent. I am sure that there are so many more out there. Just be careful and know that no one is going to give you free money and never ever send anything internationally. Also one more thing most of these companies say initially they use paypal or something like that when in all reality they have you western union the money as there is not a trace for that. JUST DONT DO IT!!!! If anyone can help me as to what I can do to maybe recover my loss, or to turn this is to someone, please let me know. I did contact the FBI and was told that I would get a call back and never did. Career builder and monster need to be stoped of allowing this on their website.

Posted by: Stacie at Mar 22, 2006 8:44:21 AM

For those readers who don't know, Richard Hambrice was the first person who reported these work at home scams on this website. He was a victim and persued the scammers vigorously and helped shut them down a few times. It appears the scammers are trying, once again, to take revenge on him for making their work as scammers a little more difficult.

By the way: Careerbuilder, you are dropping the ball again.

Posted by: Tom at Feb 7, 2006 3:29:31 PM

Got hired by Marcia Bouey of Escrow Cheque Corp. on 12/25/2005. The contract promise me $900 every two weeks - did not get any. After three transactions - checks were sent to my home address, deposited in my bank account, cashed after being cleared by the bank, then the paymeny stopped by the check issuer, I am today over $12,000 negative in my bank account and all my accounts are frozen. Escrow Cheque have been refered to me by the and the contact person was Richard Hambrice!!!

Posted by: Silviu Vlad at Feb 7, 2006 8:04:51 AM

dont know if I can drop this and send it to you they WAYN is not a radio station and they are asking for my aol password please note also going to

Posted by: Chris Curling at May 10, 2005 3:41:44 PM

I got a check today for $7,200. It was mafde out to me. I called the lady it was supposedly from, and she knew nothing about it! I wrote void on the check and sent it back to her so she could show it to her bank. Refuse all mail from Xian or Filenio Finance. They are a felony level scam and report them to the authorities

Posted by: Tony Cirigliano at Sep 20, 2004 10:04:23 AM


Now they are using Next Day Finance LLC ( day AND I signed an initial sign-up form and sent them my MO drivers license but I don't think there is anything they can do with the info I sent them. I told them to cancel my interests with their company and said if they sent anything to me that I would refuse it. I don't think I am hurt by anything but I sure wish they would catch these people and force them under gunpoint to work 20 hours a day and let them realize that there isn't a free ride and see how wrong they are. I feel sorry for their souls and can't believe people out there are that pathetic.

Posted by: Jonathan at Jun 11, 2004 6:34:15 AM

There is a...... DANGEROUS element currently preying on unsuspecting citizens by offering accounting/banking employment through ads on,, and as shown above.They use names like ", Financial Consortium International, Xian Energy, and Filenio Finance." The constant is that all contact info such as addresses are false. Their onsite documents such as BBB reports and business licenses are forgeries.

The "program" is they send you a check which you deposit, your bank credits it to your account after a couple of days then you wire money(for a 5% fee), usually to Russia, using Deutsch Bank-NY as the conduit. In a couple of days you are notified the check they sent is a stolen and forged check. You are out the amount of that check. The totals are astronomical and damage may be seen at by searching any of these names.

The FBI Cart section is in pursuit but because of the bogus contact info and because "they operate with stolen credit cards and remote servers to avoid detection" capture is difficult. Is there any way to alert the banking community to this threat and to have anyone attempting to wire money to Russia counseled to wait until their check is validated? Your assistance in getting this to the attention of the public and banking community is critical.
Richard Hambrice
Columbus, GA

Posted by: Richard Hambrice at May 25, 2004 3:44:55 AM