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How phone companies enable fraud

ScamSafe has been reporting on a work-at-home check cashing scam (operating under various names, i.e. Xian Energy, Nextdayfinance, In the past we commented on how job web sites post ads for these thieves and thus enable their crimes--even after being notified that these are illegal operations. Another culprit is the phone companies which provide the telephone and fax lines. Dick Hambrice, a victim of this crime ring, has been doggedly trying to shut them down by contacting job boards, web hosters and telephone companies.

Dick reports, "The Compton phones (for Nextdayfinance) belong to PacWest Telecom. I emailed them a couple of weeks ago letting them know about the criminal enterprise using them. Their reply was 'This information is being sent to our customer who the number is leased out to. They will investigate and take the appropriate actions. Thank you, Network Operations Security.'" Dick continues, "I called the numbers this morning and they are still working."

It appears that PacWest is asleep at the wheel, while thousands of consumers are being ripped off by this international crime ring. Shame on PacWest--and whichever company is leasing their lines.

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i have been contacted by a check cashing company named smar tec has anyone heard of them i am pretty sure it is scam what do i do to report them

Posted by: tonya at Sep 27, 2006 4:45:20 PM