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Duped by a check cashing scam

Too good to be true: Mother of three sued after winning $13,000 on Internet

RACINE, WI - Jaclyn Swenson, 26, was trying to figure out where she was going to get money for diapers when the doorbell rang. A man from FedEx handed over an envelope. Inside was another envelope, made of brown paper, and inside that envelope was a certified check for $13,000. Swenson was shocked. She knew she'd won a contest on the Internet, but she never believed the money would really arrive. Swenson says she called family, banks, the Racine Police and the Better Business Bureau to get advice about the unexpected windfall. She recalled what she learned: "Everyone says a cashier's check means the money's already there." The $13,000 check has been trouble ever since it showed up. It has gotten her sued by her credit union, it had her afraid to leave the house, and it has her worried she'll somehow lose her children.

from Journal Times

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