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Inside the dark art of phone fraud

By Lea Thompson
Dateline NBC

I've been covering phone fraud for years and every time I try to tackle one of these criminal chameleons I am struck by how ruthless they are. Many are phone gangsters. They work in gangs, they are very tough and they are extraordinarily elusive. Their victims are often the most vulnerable and the least able to take the monetary or the emotional hit.

It is hard to explain how clever and sophisticated these guys are unless you can infiltrate them with hidden cameras or catch them somehow in the middle of their crime...

It's astounding how often people get taken in these phone schemes. The FBI estimates losses from telemarketing fraud emanating just from Canada exceed $100 million a year. That may be a low figure because victims often don't report the crimes because they are too embarrassed or they never do realize they have been taken.

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News you can use. That's what I've been trying to tell people, use A/R for important news and issues ! I of course new about this already since I'm in Law Enforcement, but it's good you are sharing with others. I suggest you carefully scrutinize all your cell and landline bills, as Verizon is famous for adding charges without your approval.

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