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FRAUD ALERT: Phishing reminder--scam targets MSN customers

There are far too many phishing scams for us to list on this blog. And they just keep coming and coming. But I felt it was worth a reminder to everyone to watch out for emails that appear to be from a trusted sourced and, in some way, ask you to click on a link and update or input some account information. The rule here is: NEVER TRUST A LINK OR URL IN AN EMAIL YOU RECEIVE. And don't input information of any kind into a web site that you got to from clicking on an email link.

Internet and e-mail users should be wary of an identity theft scam appearing in the guise of an information request of Microsoft Network Web site customers.

A fictitious “James Dawson of MSN Support” asks customers via e-mail to update account information, threatening deletion of one’s account.

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Scammers are hitting normal (read real) ISP's in addition to MSN, AOL, etc.

ISP customers and non-customers are getting messages saying that the account was used to send spam and to please use the attached file..., hit the following link..., et cetera.

Most are detectable frauds. Just have to pay attention to how it is said, rather than what it says.

Posted by: jd at Oct 28, 2005 6:32:30 PM

this came in my hotmail

Dear Online Customer,
As part of our security measures,we regularly screen activity in the Banking system.We recently noticed the following issue on your Online Banking account:A recent review of your Online account determined that we need some additional information from you in order to provide you with online secure service. Case ID Number: FW-222-367-412. For your protection, we have limited access to your Online account until additional security measures can be completed.

We encourage you to log in to your account as soon as possible to help avoid this. Once you log in, you will be provided with steps to restore your account access to regular standing. We appreciate your understanding as we work to guarantee account safety.In accordance with Bank of the West's Agreement, your account access will remain limited until the issue has been resolved. If access to your account remains limited for an extended period of time, it may result in further limitations or account closure.

Login to Online Account
Please understand that this is a safety measure meant to help protect you and your account. Thank you for your attention to this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Bank of the West, Member FDIC, Online Banking Customer Service

Posted by: annie at Jul 13, 2005 5:21:42 PM

Someone called me on 12/22/04 at 8pm saying they were from Citi Bank and some rescent cash was taken out of my account and they were sending me a draft check in the mail but they also called out my account numbers also and only Citi Bank has my account so I called the Bank and they did'nt know what I was talking about plus I could'nt even get there help neither the call was made from an los angelas California number:7142624192 please if you can help me find out what's going on and how these people got my account number

Posted by: Mary Christian at Dec 22, 2004 6:37:11 PM