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What is FDIC-Insured?

Many consumers mistakenly assume that FDIC* insurance must protect them from a fraud or theft if the funds were taken from an insured account. But by law, deposit insurance only protects your accounts up to $250,000 (was $100,000) if your insured bank or savings institution fails.

*=Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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Well,To my point of view many ppl used ppls emails addresses to Scam online,maybe all this names was formed by someone else.

Posted by: Mike at Oct 25, 2009 10:38:20 AM

thank god i caught a scam on time.
i was selling my puppy via the internet and was approched from someone from the u.k. who was interested in my puppy,said he would pay for the puppy and shipping and i was to wire excess funds back to him,well i too the check to my bank and deposited it $3000,only to come home and look on the internet because i got curious,well turns out it was a scam,i immediatly called my bank and they put a reversal on the check,and gave the check back to me because it had not cleared yet.thank god. please be careful i got lucky,but had i waited another couple of hours i would have been in a world of hurt.

Posted by: stacy at Jul 30, 2005 3:48:46 PM

Please beware of these email adresses:

any email address with the name candidates is a fake. I have also learned that there are others who use aol for emailing prospective "victims"

There is really no way to be sure if an at home job is real or not. My suggestion, just don't do it because no one will believe you, you will owe thousands of dollars to your bank, and risk prosecution even though you are the victim of a crime.

I notice that I am not the first to scammed. I also noticed that many have been scammed through job posting websites which do not protect job seekerts and assume no responsibility. Isn't this a matter for a civil suit since so many poeple have been victimized and there currentlyt isn't any internet policing nor legislation protection, nor bank security/preventative features?

Posted by: Anonymous at Jul 13, 2005 5:55:27 AM

I was here to investigate a qchex earlier and want to report my case of that Nigerian Scam Epidemic.
A man near age 40 tried to get my bank account number first then romanced me online for nearly 2 weeks before he told me that his deceased fathers client in UK was sending him a check, then sending me a check, received via USPS on Saturday, Mat 21st. I used much of the next 24 hours to investigate online and emailed him my refusal to go through with this.
his email is and the sender name was fredleo, then ileola femi which he claimed as the name of his deceased father. This change among other stupid slips by him made me suspicious, but I only found this site by googling citibank-qchex in the last hour or two. Please make my report and the rest of this site available to any future suspicious targets.
Thank You Kindly,

Posted by: Jodi Mc at May 22, 2005 10:50:52 PM