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Security Breach Could Expose 40 million to Fraud

By JOE BEL BRUNO, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - A security breach of customer information at a credit card-processing company could expose to fraud up to 40 million cardholders of multiple brands, MasterCard International Inc. said Friday.

The credit card giant said its security division detected multiple instances of fraud that tracked back to CardSystems Solutions Inc. of Tucson, Ariz., which processes transactions for banks and merchants.

Yahoo! News

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Attention victims of work-at-home scams

If you are a victim of a work-at-home check cashing scam which was posted on a job board web site like Careerbuilder or Monster, AND you are a resident of the NY Metro area, please read on.

I was contacted by someone writing an article for a major US newspaper. She wants to speak with people who live in the NY area that have been victimized by one of these work-at-home scams. She is happy to keep it anonymous if you don't want your name revealed in the article.

To contact her, send an email to

(She will only be taking inquries for a short time. This was posted on June 13 2005. )

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3.9 Million Citigroup Customers' Data Lost

NEW YORK - CitiFinancial, the consumer finance division of Citigroup Inc., is notifying some 3.9 million U.S. customers that computer tapes containing information about their accounts - including Social Security numbers and payment histories - have been lost.

Citigroup, which is based in New York, said Monday the tapes were lost by the courier UPS Inc. in transit to a credit bureau.

from The Desert Sun (AP)

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You can help shut down job scams

Ok, readers. I've received thousands of emails (yes, thousands) from people that were victimized or have observed the bogus job postings on the job web sites. You know, the work-at-home, check cashing, & international shipping scams.

Now you can do something about it--at least on I received an email from them today with directions on what to do (see the end of this post).


Now we need Monster and the others to step up like careerbuilder has. And, despite this response from careerbuilder, we all should be intrepid and make sure actually shuts down these bogus postings FAST., thanks for your response...and we are watching. Readers--by keeping an eye on careerbuilder and reporting bogus job postings, you will actively be helping someone else out there in the world. Your time is appreciated.

--Tom, Editor,

[Here's the email...]

"Dear Editor of,

We are writing you in regards to the information that you are telling people on your web site and this specific quote that was used in regards to job boards "(The job boards continue to aid and abet international crime rings. )". does not endorse international crime rings or aid them in taking advantage of unsuspecting jobseekers or customers.  In fact we at have established an actual team of specialists called the Site Integrity Team that prides itself in protecting our users and using various methodologies to prescreen any kind of questionable opportunities that fraudulent users try to put on the web site.  As we know that you have a different perspective on this matter we would appreciate you giving people a place to contact the Site Integrity Team either by email at or by phone at 1-866-438-1485 x3099.  Again we appreciate what you do for your users and ask that you cooperate with us and allow us to assist you in any kind of questionable matters that may arise in regards to the web site.


The Site Integrity Team
1-866-438-1485 x3099"

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