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What to Do if You Got Taken by 12 Daily Pro Scam

Do you have money in 12 Daily Pro (or StormPay) and don’t know what to do? Go here: Truston Identity Theft Blog

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Consumer Protection: It's the Name of the Game! For National Consumer Protection Week 2006

Agencies in U.S. and Canada Promote Education, Awareness, and Partnerships

The Federal Trade Commission has launched the eighth annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), February 5-11, 2006, in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies, and national advocacy organizations committed to consumer protection and education. At the Canadian Embassy today, the FTC, with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), the Postal Service’s Consumer Advocate, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, PhoneBusters, and Canada’s Competition Bureau announced their commitment to combat cross-border fraud as part of NCPW. The FTC also unveiled the “Grand Scam Challenge,” online, interactive games that teach consumers about topics such as identity theft, the National Do Not Call Registry, and spam.

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Work at home scams thriving as always

I keep seeing victims report getting hit by these scams. The fake companies offering great paying home employment continuously reconstitute themselves under different names. These scammers and fraudsters are so devious they even used the name of a victim that reported them on this web site. That's right, one of the people that first reported the work at home scams here on, back in 2004, had his name used as the "representative" of one of the fraudulent employers. And and the other job boards have utterly failed to protect consumers.

Last year careerbuilder contacted me directly saying they were making a committment to deal with these scams. I don't feel they are making any impact. The solution they proposed was that consumers should report the crimes and they would follow up. That's totally upside down. The job web sites should be taking a proactive approach to this. eBay has over 1,000 people dedicated just to fraud investigations. There needs to be a similar thing going on at careerbuilder and the other sites like Sorry to single you out so much careerbuilder, but a victim just reported losing $12,000 to a scam perptrated by one of YOUR customers. Go to this link and read the comments (at the bottom, as of today).The company is called Escrow Cheque Corp and the business is a scam.  I propose that the online job services work together and cooperate to close down these scams. They cannot rely on law enforcement because most of these scammers operate from overseas. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for law enforcement to crack down on a ring that is based in Russia or Nigeria?

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ID Theft Is More Prevalent Offline with Paper than Online

In Half of the Cases Where the Perpetrator is Known, Identity Fraud is committed by Someone Close to the Victim

SAN FRANCISCO, January 26, 2005 - The 2005 Javelin Identity Fraud Survey Report - released by the Better Business Bureau and Javelin Strategy & Research as an update of the Federal Trade Commission's 2003 Identity Theft Survey Report and Javelin's 2003 Identity Theft Report - shows that despite growing fears about identity theft and online fraud, of the victims that know the identity and method used by the criminal, these crimes are more frequently committed offline than online. Internet-related fraud problems are actually less severe, less costly and not as widespread as previously thought.

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