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Microsoft Founder Paul Allen Victim of Identity Theft

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has become the victim of identity theft, with an AWOL U.S. soldier in Pittsburgh charged with changing the address on a Seattle bank account owned by Allen and attempting to redirect funds to a personal account.

Brandon Lee Price allegedly changed the address on a Citibank account owned by Allen from Seattle to Pittsburgh, and then had a debit card sent to his home in Pittsburgh. According to a report by the AP, Price attempted to wire $15,000 to the new account and to make a $658.81 payment on an Armed Forces Bank loan. He then allegedly attempted to make purchases at a GameStop and Family Dollar store.

One of the stupider headlines or memes around this news is that if a billionaire's identity isn't safe, then how can anyone elses be? There is nothing about a billionaire that makes his or her identity any more protected than anyone elses. If you think there is than by all means name it. Just being rich doesn't inherently give you protections against ID theft.

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