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Unidentified hackers behind Stuxnet and Duqu still at work

The still-unidentified group of attackers behind Stuxnet and Duqu have drawn quite a bit of attention to themselves in the last couple of years with their creations. Researchers, law enforcement and some particularly angry governments all would like to have a long talk with the crew. But that attention apparently hasn't persuaded the group that it's time to tone down their pursuits, as evidenced by the fact that researchers have discovered a newly compiled driver for Duqu within the last couple of days.

One of the unique things about Duqu is that the malware appears to be specifically tailored to each new victim. Rather than writing one piece of malware and spreading it out to a large potential victim base, the crew behind Duqu had a small, specially selected group of targets, each of which got its own specifically crafted components and drivers. Researchers say that the number of known victims of Duqu is quite small, perhaps fewer than 50.

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