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Three Keys to Mobile Security

Mobile banking is being adopted by consumers at an increasing rate, but it's just one piece of the overall mobile financial services puzzle. As the mobility trend grows, banking institutions are still figuring out how far ahead they should look, and what strategies make the most sense.

But Paul Smocer, president of BITS, the technology policy division of the Financial Services Roundtable, says most institutions are doing much more than some observers give them credit for doing. Banking/security leaders are very concerned about mobile, and they're doing what they can to anticipate risks.

During this interview, Smocer discusses:

Three key areas that make up mobile financial services: 1) banking, payments and mobilized traditional services, such as remote deposit capture; 2) Why mobile payments poses the greatest security risks; 3) Steps BITS is taking to address mobile concerns, especially as they relate to FFIEC conformance.



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